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Hello everyone                                                                                   3-19-2018

           Squadron Members Membership Dues still need to be turned in; at this time Massachusetts is ranked  46th in the nation and is 2nd to last in the Eastern Region based on the last report sent from the National Organization. Last week I received a call from our National Vice Commander Ken Warner asking “what was going on with our Detachment”. So please be aware that the National Organization is aware of how we are performing! The time for action is now please make contact and find out how members are if you have not heard from them or seen then. A reminder can be key in retaining a member and keeping your Squadron alive. We all have a tendency to forget important matters in our day to day schedules due to work and our very busy home lives so please reach out now and see what you can do to help out one of your extended SAL family members.

            The confusion continues regarding membership, payments and where to send materials for the Sons. Please remember it is the responsibility of each Squadron Membership Chairman to process the membership cards correctly not the State House. The fully completed cards (this means both sections have been completely filled out) and the per capita $7.00 payment for each member are being sent to the Massachusetts State House and not to National Headquarters! Any cards and payments sent to National are sent back to the Massachusetts State House by the National Organization for Massachusetts to process. In turn if the materials have not been completed correctly the State House will then return the materials to the Squadron for them to be properly complete. If your Squadron Members try to access any of their benefits that they are due and the cards have not reached the National Organization they will be denied.

           If you have questions or if you need any help with membership processing Vice Commander Nay and I travel all across the state, so no Squadron is too far away for us to visit. Please feel free to contact Marvin, Cliff or me and we can set up a visit to your Squadron if you need assistance. All our contact information can be found on the Sons State Website which is www.salmass.org 

Another very important matter is the upcoming visit by the American Legion National Commander. All Sons members are welcome and encouraged to attend the Banquet which will be held at the Best Western Hotel in Marlborough on Saturday April 7th. Tickets are available through your District Ticket Chairman; I’m hoping to see many of you in attendance to make the National Commander aware that the Sons of The American Legion Detachment of Massachusetts is a very active part of the American Legion Family.  

Working together we can make a difference in the lives of our Veterans, Their Families and our Communities.

Ernie Laberge

Commander ~ The Detachment of Massachusetts ~ Sons of The American Legion

Member ~ National Amerianism Commission 2017-2018

Dalton Lavallee Squadron 224

190 Pleasant St. Easthampton, MA 01027

P:(413) 586-9420 ~ C:(413) 537-3002



Mark Casavant Curt Fitzmaurice John Bussiere                     Commander Leberge with members of Squadron 193

link to Squadron 193 Fundraising Activities 2017


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